Frequently Asked Question

  Who can post property listing in

We only allow property agent registered with CEA to post listing in our site. We do verify agents' registration with CEA prior to  granting the right for the agents to post listings.

  As a buyer or tenant, how do we contact the agent if we see a suitable listing?

In every listing, we provide a contact form to get in touch with the agent. Unlike ordinary contact form that send the message to the agent's email or the website's inbox, we send your message to both email and agent's Whatsapp number. This will ensure that your message reach the agent instantly, and the agent can get back to you at his/her earliest convenience.

  As a buyer or tenant, we have read many news about fraudulent or fake agent scamming potential customer. How do you prevent that?

In, we only accept posts/listings from property agents that we have verified to be licensed agents registered with Council of Estate Agency, therefore, we eliminate the chance of an actor posing as property agent and posting fraudulent listing.

  As an agent, can I change the content of my listing?

Once the listing is published, the type of listing (for sale or for rent), and the property type (HDB, Private Apartment, or Landed property) can not be changed. Other contents in the listing such as description, pictures, etc., may be updated or revised as needed.

  What is unique about

We are the first property portal that enables posting of a listing via Whatsapp. Our automated system will guide you through registration and the listing process seamlessly. Please send a whatsapp message to +6580272947 and our intelligent system will perform validation to CEA website and help you to post in real time.