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We are a team of veterans in various industries, on a mission to introduce a new paradigm in the real estate industry by simplifying resale property marketing. Our vision is to revolutionize how property listings are posted and accessed through an innovative approach, creating an unrivaled property portal for property seekers, agents, and property owners alike.

Who We Are

PropertyVow is proudly developed and maintained by Our Vow Pte Ltd UEN 202325250K, a forward-thinking tech company driven by the passion to redefine the way property transactions are conducted. Our IT experts with extensive experience bring cutting-edge technology and creative ideas to build an exceptional online platform that caters to the unique needs of the real estate market.

What do we do

We believe that the marketing cost of property sale and should not be added to the price of a property, therefore, it should be very minimum or negligible cost. We aim to set the market standard to charge minimum cost for a property marketing (sale and resale), by starting such services at free of charge. WE PROVIDE A FREE PROPERTY LISTING SERVICE FOR ALL AGENTS IN SINGAPORE.

Our Vision

We enthusiastically embrace government's Smart Nation initiative and leverage on Open Data to empower our services. Our vision is to provide the real estate community with a free to low cost, powerful, user-friendly, and innovative property portal. We strive to be the ultimate destination for property seekers, and property agents, facilitating seamless connections and creating a dynamic marketplace for real estate transactions.

What Sets Us Apart

Innovative Listing Process: We are proud to be the first property listing company who introduce an entirely new approach to listing properties through Whatsapp chat. With our innovative listing process, we verify agent credentials and identity against published CEA data, complete registration process, post their listings, complete with detailed information and eye-catching visuals to make their properties stand out in the competitive market, all via Whatsapp conversation powered by ever-growing and evolving artificial intelligence engine.

User-Focused Experience: Our platform is designed with the end-user in mind. Property seekers enjoy a seamless, intuitive browsing experience, while agents benefit from powerful tools to manage their listings efficiently.

Smart Search and Recommendations: Through continuous development, we strive to offer smart search and personalized recommendations, ensuring property seekers find the perfect match that aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Transparent and Secure Transactions: Trust is paramount in the real estate industry. PropertyVow ensures transparency and security throughout the entire listing process. Our agents registration are verified against CEA data to validate the agents license and identity, providing peace of mind to all parties involved.

How Do We Reach Customers?

The ultimate objective of publishing property listing is to reach the prospects and customers both buyers and renters. We adhere to strict regiments to optimize our pages to provide users with easy-to-use pages and to rank reasonably well in search engine. We also spend substantial advertising budget in internet platforms and social media: It is substantial amount as (again,) we do not charge the agents to publish their listing with us, we absorb agents' additional marketing expenses. These combined, orchestrated efforts definitely provide agents with values that can not be found anywhere else. For sample and illustration, below are some of our advertisements you may also see on internet, to attract prospects to view the listings:

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If you have any inquiries, feedback, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We value your input and are committed to continually improving your experience on PropertyVow.

Thank you for choosing PropertyVow – where innovation meets real estate.

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